" Eye Doodle. I doodle. Eye Design. I design. Ayy. Compasses are essential to my fun. And a sharpie pen. " —GROKKO

Grokko is a long time artist and partner of Fractal Visions.. A true artist who is dedicated to the long term creativity we all face in the beginning of our journey. Enjoy some psychedelic mandala patterns that will make you wonder how this artist thinks.

We offer an assortment of Fine art prints & Tapestries through these links.

Mary Jane

Grokko has (2) NFTs listed on the Rarible marketplace we originally minted for him in 2021.
All gas fees for minting these pieces of artwork were covered 100% to help the artist display their art in this format.

All proceeds including the royalty payments on secondary markets are split with the artist Grokko.
75% of all Primary Sales is paid to artist.
There is a 20% ROYALTY on secondary sales which is split 50/50 with the artist.

"Messenger and Change"

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